Reimagined Artists was founded in 2017 by two brothers with a passion for writing. We started this website with one goal in mind, to provide NL artists a place to come together to share and develop their passion for the arts. 

With no platform to display our passion for writing, we decided to create a community to support and promote local NL artists who may never have the chance to get their voices heard. A platform to bring together all artists regardless of background, age, ambitions or level of experience. If you have a passion for creation, you are welcome. 

Whether you have ambitions to become a working artist or would just like to get your passion to a wider audience, we want to show the world what you can do. All artists are welcome, and no work will be left in the dark. You don't have to be a professional artist to join our community because we believe all art should be shared. The only prerequisite is that you have a passion for what you create. 
We understand the struggles of an unknown artist because that is who we are. We are dedicated to providing not only the youth of our province with a place to develop and grow as an artist but anyone who feels their voice is lost. We are here to tell you that you are not alone and if you have the courage to show your passion to the world, then help is on its way. 

With so many talented artists throughout our province, we believe in a platform that can bring together all artists to share ideas, creations, and experiences. Whether you have created a great piece of art, wrote a book, or have a song that you want to share, we believe in the power of expression. If you are willing to share your passion with the world, we are ready to give you a voice. 

"The light that shines within doesn't have to stay within" - Reimagined Artists 
  1. Chris PIke
    Chris PIke
  2. Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards
We created this platform because we believe that NL artists need to come together and support all artists in our community. Our website is only the beginning of our dream, and we are far from done. With help from our community, the next vision we are developing is a storefront in St. John's combined with an e-commerce platform to provide all NL artists a marketplace to sell and distributed their work to a wider audience.

We will create a marketplace where all NL art can be shared regardless of the level of experience or distinction. If you are a professional artist or just create in your spear time we will create a community where all artists can share, sell and grow their passion for the arts. As our community grows so will Reimagined Artists. 

"If you think your dream is too big to accomplish then it is the perfect size."
- Reimagined Artists